Listed Buildings and Monuments

The character of the Altstadt is not just the sum of its Listed Buildings and Monuments, but it is the unique concert of these features within the topography of the river Mur and the Schlossberg.

Tier 1 Protected Zone – Historic Altstadt Listed Buildings and Monuments:

  1. Uhrturm
  2. Hauptplatz with Rathaus, medevial town houses in Sporgasse, Sackstra├če
  3. Stadtkrone mit Cathedral, Mausoleum, Seminary, Castle
  4. Gothic twin spiral staircase, Grazer Burg
  5. House of the Teutonic Knights
  6. Landhaus
  7. Landeszeughaus, Waffenkammer, Herrengasse
  8. Mausoleum Emeror Ferdinand II, Facade of St Catharines Church
  9. Art Nouveau facade in the Sporgasse
  10. Opernring houses
  11. Grazer Cathedral, gotic main entrance
  12. Landhaushof, renaissance arcades