Stadtpark, Glacis

By 1782, when fortifications skirting the Altstadt were no longer required, the glacis, which then had served as a military parade ground, was tranformed into the city’s park. Between the Paulustor the Burgtor and the ramparts largely remained. In the area of the Burgring and Opernring, the former ramparts can be recognized in the contours of the buildings.

Listed Buildings and Monuments are the Forum Stadtpark with iron sculpture, the Platz der Menschenrechte with fountain, sculptures in the niches of the retaining wall of the castle garden, various monuments, such as Moritz von Franck, knight and the founder of the Stadtparksk, the poet Anastasius Grün, the forest lily, the girl-with-deer bronze (from Rosegger’s writings), the composer Robert Stolz (Robert-Stolz-Promenade). To the east of the park on a small hill is the Gothic Leechkirche.