Mariahilferstrasse, -platz, Murinsel

This area was not settled until the 16th century after the banks of the Mur were hardened. A dry arm of the river – the Mariahilerstrasse – was to become a major north-south thoroughfare. Up until the 19th century it was termed a “country road” – the streetscape with its projections and recesses of mostly baroque facades appears lively and to have grown steady of time. Many road houses, including the present Hotel Mariahilf (earlier “Zum Golden Ross,” gave respite to travelers cum famous personalities (e.g. Adalbert Stifter).

From the extension of the Mariahilferplatz, you can access the Erich Edegger Footbridge (designed by Dominik Günther) to reach the other side of the river. Alternately you can use the walkways of the artificial Mur Island to cross over to the Schlossbergplatz.