Karmeliterplatz, Paulustorgasse

The Paulustorgasse continues the Sporgasse along the eastern slope of the Schlossberg. The continuation is interrupted by the rectangular Renaissance square (1578) of the Karmeliterplatz. To the east the Sauraugasse and to the west the Stiegengasse branch off the Karmeliterplatz. Due to the terrain approaching the Schlossberg, the character of the built-up area changes: a small square in front of St Anthony’s Church with a wayside shrine, to the east contiguous facades. At the end of the Paulustorgasse, the Paulustor (built in 1614) separates the Altstadt from the Stadtpark.

Listed Buildings and Monuments are the former house of the Apostolic Nuncio with Renaissance bay (Paulustorgasse 1), the Volkskundemuseum (former monastery of the Capuchin Minors) with stairs to St Anthony’s church, access to the Palmburg (Paulustorgasse 15), the Polizeidirektion (former Palais Wildenstein and a hospital, Paulustorgasse 8), Landesarchiv und Äußeres Paulustor.