Hofgasse and Freiheitsplatz

Burial sites from the 13th century give evidence of early medieval settlement in the area. The part of the Sporgasse joining the Hofgasse is a contiguous set of medieval townsteads with many different styles in their facades. The run culminates at the Freiheitsplatz, surrounded by buildings in the Biedermeier and early Gründerzeit style and has a coda to the east: the Theater, the crown jewels of the city and the castle gate. Listed Buldings and Monuments within the realm of the Hofgasse and Freiheitsplatz are:

Hofbäckerei (Hofgasse 6), Old Royal Mint (Hofgasse 3), Palais Lamberg (Hofgasse 8), Former Jesuit High School (“Taubenkobel”, Hofgasse 10), Freiheitsplatz, Theater, Old University, “Crown jewels of the city” with castle and twin spiral staircase, Castle gate, Castle with castle garden and Cathedral.