Färber-, Mehlplatz, Stempfergasse

The Färbergasse runs parallel to the Herrngasse and follows the first medieval ramparts (partially visible in the rearward buildings) of the 13th century. The Färbergasse is lined with “Platzerln” – Färberplatz, Mehlplatz, Glockenspielplatz, Bischofplatz – often interconnected by short alleys and ending at the Stempfergasse. The characteristic of this ensemble is a varied structure that can only grown over time. Running in parallel, the Prokopigasse can be accesssed from the Färbergasse via the Altstadtpassage with its baroque portal. The narrow Prokopigasse ends at the intersection the Stempfergasse, Bindergasse and Bischofsplatz.

Listed Buildings and Monuments: Glockenspielhaus (Abraham-a-Santa-Clara-Gasse 4), Palais des Enffans d’Avernas (Glockenspielplatz 5), former Palais Galler (Glockenspielplatz 7), Palais Inzaghi (Mehlplatz 1), Altstadtpassage, Ferdinandeum (Färberplatz 11, 12), Haus Färbergasse 5 with baroque facade and frescos, Pomeranzengasse.