Burggasse, Kaiser-Josef-Platz

The Burggasse drops off sharply from the upper reaches with St Giles Cathedral, the Mausoleum  and the Burg to the Opernring. The Burggasse is lined by four and five storey buildings, dating in part from the 14th and 16th century. The lower reaches between the Trauttmansdorffgasse and Opernring are characterized by late-classical buildings, excepting the gaps, where buildings destroyed by aerial bombardment 1944-45, have since been replaced. At the southern end of the Stadtpark, at the Burgring, the fortifications between the Burgtor and the Einspinnergasse are still recognizable.

Listed Buildings and Monuments are the Burg, Burgtor, St Giles Cathedral and Mausoleum, Dompfarrhof, a Renaissance house (Burggasse 3) with a baroque statue of the holy mother, Palais Trattmansdorf (Burggasse 4), Palais Dietrichstein (Burggasse 9) with rich baroque interior, The Opera and the Kaiser-Josef-Platz with the open air market and the Künstlerhaus.