From the Domplatz, the Bürgergasse drops sharply toward the Tummelplatz. In the upper Bürgergasse you’ll find some of the most important buildings – the crown jewels of the city – die Stadtkrone, comprised of St Giles Cathedral, the Mausoleum and St. Catherine’s Church and the former Jesuit College, (today the seminary and Jesuit gardens). Then, at the foot of the Stadtkrone there are contiguous buildings, broken only by narrow cross lanes. The area was part of the cathedral and Burg but since teh 14th century was part of the walled city. The tracts connecting Burg, Dom and Jesuit College were demolished in 1832 and 1854.

Listed Buildings and Monuments within the Stadtkrone and the Bürgergasse are the Domherrenhof (Bürgergasse 1), the Palais-Ensemble with Palais Schwarzenberg (Bürgergasse 3) and Palais Lengheimb (Bürgergasse 4) with Renaissance arcades, dem Palais Trauttmansdorff (Bürgergasse 5, Burggasse 4) und dem Palais Dietrichstein (Burggasse 9) with plentiful baroque interior.