Seminary & Old University

For more than 400 years the seminary has been the seat of ecclesiastical institutions. During the reign of Archduke Charles II, in 1572, a college of the Jesuit Order of St. Vincent de Verda was built. Up until the 19th century, the college was connected to St. Giles Cathedral via a three storey passage. In 1585 the college was elevated in status to a Jesuit University, the first university in Styria. After the dissolution of the Jesuit order in 1773, the building served other purposes: school, civil administration and military barracks. Features of the building include the largest courtyard

within the old town, the baroque hall, the refectory and the grand staircase (1712) with stucco, images and aphorisms. Adjoining the seminary is the Old University, inaugurated in 1609 by Archduke Karl II. The ground floor comprises the former lecture halls, upstairs a two-storey library (by Josef Hueber 1778/81). In 1905 about one million books were removed from here to the library at the New University. From 1905 to 2000, it served as the National Archives, after the restoration of the lecture halls and the library 1999 to 2005, it is now used as a convention center.

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