Palais Attems

Count Ignaz Maria Attems of Friuli had his town palace built in 1702 by Joachim Carlon, on a the site that used to span an area of six houses. The State of Styria acquired the palais in 1962. Palais Attems is the most significant of the baroque palais in Styria. The palais is U-shaped with a square courtyard. Street-side and courtyard facades are adorned with rich stucco. Upon entering the bulding, lateral staircases lead to a mezzanine. State rooms are on the ground floor.

From the mezzanine a double-staircase leads to the first floor – more state rooms with stucco by Domenico Boscho and paintings by Pietro de Pomis. There are eight rooms on the first and second floor, including the Ape room, Bird room, Angel room and a room of busts. On the second floor were the living quarters of the family, later the library and art gallery. Until the 20th century, the Attems family was in possession of the largest private collection of paintings in Styria.

Address:Sackstraße 17, 8010 Graz