Painted House

The Herzogshof was first mentioned as a ducal feudal estate in 1360. In 1600 it was the residence of the brother of the Duke, who had the facade painted by Giovanni Pietro de Pomis, the court painter of Emperor Ferdinand II. In 1730 the building – then owned by Francis of Lathurner – was repainted by Johann Mayer of Vorau and nothing of the original painting remained. The frescoes, covering the entire 220 square metres of the facade, were recently restored

and depict the hierachy of Greco-Roman gods: At the bottom Bacchus, the god of wine; Volcano, god of craftsmen; Vesta, goddess of hearth, home, and family; Apollo, god of light; Jupiter, king of gods; and Pluto, god of the underworld. The pantheon is completed by Mercury, god of merchants and travelers; Mars, god of war; Minerva, goddess of war and the Arts; and Aesculap, the god of medicine.

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