Mausoleum and St. Catharine’s Church

The Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II was built in 1614-1638 to designs by Giovanni Pietro de Pomis. It consists of two parts, the mausoleum – containing the tomb of the Emperor – and St. Catherine’s Church – with the sarcophagi of Charles II and Maria of Bavaria, the parents of the Ferdinand II. It is considered to be one of the most significant monuments of Austria. The assembly of the mausoleum, St. Giles Cathedral, the Castle and the Old University is refered to as the Grazer Stadtkrone – the crown of the city of Graz.

The Mannerist mausoleum, with the oval dome over the tomb chapel – the first of its kind outside of Italy, and the structured facade of St. Catherine’s Church, bears the mark of the Renaissance transitioning to the Baroque. The statue of St. Catherine of Alexandria – patron Saint of universities – is facing the Jesuit college. The Emperor’s death forced completion of the mausoleum: Ferdinand’s grandson, Leopold I commissioned the tomb by Veit Könige (1767) and lush stucco by the Graz Baroque architect Fischer von Erlach.

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