Old and New Joanneum

The “Old Joanneum” also known as the Lambrechterhof, was the former townhouse of the Benedictine St. Lambrecht Abbey. The building complex with two courtyards, an early Baroque facade, court arcades and chapel by Domenico Sciassia (1665/67). In 1811, by order of Archduke Johann, the complex was used as a natural history museum. Later, a library building was added. Today, the museum includes geological, mineralogical, zoological and botanical collections.

The “New Joanneum” (Neutorgasse 45) is a building with a historicist monumental neo-baroque façade, a single court yard, a main wing with a domed roof and an Avant-corps entrance and three-story side wings, in a Viennese fashion, designed by architects Gunolt and Bullmann in 1895. The “New Joanneum” houses the Museum of Decorative Arts.

Address:Neutorgasse 45, 8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 8017-0


Opening hours:Mo–So: 10–17