All summer on Wednesdays the renaissance arcades of the Generalihof set the stage for a number of jazz concerts. The history of this intriguing group of buildings dates back to 1565. In the 18th century, the Counts of Breuner named them the Teufenbach`sche house and remodelled into a baroque palais. The three-story group of houses at the corner of Herrengasse and Stempfergasse

encloses an arcaded courtyard. Into the courtyards protrudes a stairwell dated from the period around 1730/35 and built by the stone mason Antoni Carlon. Notice the fine stucco work by Johannes Formentini along the stairs and in a number of the rooms. In the 19th century, the entire complex was transformed into commercial building, the so-called “Generalihof.”

Address:Herrengasse 9, 8010 Graz


Opening hours:Mi from 02.07. - 27.08.