The square, established in 1835, was formerly called Franzensplatz, after the monumental statue of Francis I, Emperor of Austria, the centrepiece of the square. To the south the square is bound by an armory and the Old University, to the west and north the square is bound by late classical and Biedermeier houses, to the east the theater – Schauspielhaus. In 1918 it was proclaimed – from a balcony of the theater – that

Austria would henceforth be a republic, thus today the square is called Freiheitsplatz – Liberty Square.

The theater was built in 1776 by Joseph Hueber within the grounds of the Hofgarten. It burned down in 1823 and was rebuilt to the design of Peter Nobile. It has three stages and was the first theater built with bricks.

Address:Freiheitsplatz, 8010 Graz