The Färberplatz was created in 1904 after demolition of the Austro-Hungarian barracks. The Färberplatz is bound to the northeast by the Ferdinandeum. To the southwest the large, right angled Palais Inzaghi (about 1561) separates the Färberplatz from the Mehlplatz. In 1988, a modern annex was added to the palais. Upstairs in the annex, from the Viennese coffee house, you can enjoy a unique view of the rooftops of Graz.

The original name of the Mehlplatz was “Tabackamtsplatzl” (1813), because it was formerly the location of an office taxing the import and sale of tabacco. Later it was named “Mehlplatz” because grain and flour was traded here. The address “Mehlplatz 1″ was the home of operetta composer Robert Stolz. Today the people of Graz call this area “Bermuda Triangle,” because of its many restaurants and cafes.

Address:Färberplatz, Mehlplatz, 8010 Graz