Clock Tower

The Uhrturm – a four-faced chiming clock tower – standing atop the Schlossberg, is one of the main attractions of the city. In 1809 a ransom was paid by the citizens to keep the occupying French army from demolishing the tower, like they had already demolished other fortifications. The tower is 28 meters tall, there are three bells in it – one hourly bell, a fire alarm bell and a sinners bell – the bell used to ring in the curfew.

The tower received its characteristic looks in 1560 when it was rebuilt from an earlier fortified tower. A large dial adorns each of the four sides of the tower. Initially each dial had only one large hour hand, a minute hand was not added until later. The current movement dates from 1712. Three heraldic stones are part of the facade. Between the dials of the clock and the edge of the roof runs a balcony, formerly used by the fire lookout.

Address:Am Schlossberg 7, 8010 Graz