In 1578 this square streched from the Paulustorgasse east all the way to the former fortification, now the Peacock garden – Pfauengarten. The square is bound to the south by 16th and 17th century three or four storey beautiful baroque facades. The former Nunciature building – with Renaissance bays at the corners – was on the north side, toward the corner of the Paulustorgasse.

The other end the square is bound by the 17th century Carmelite convent – Karmeliterkloster, the cast iron Baroque Trinity Column comemmorating the Plague victims. Towards the Schlossberg, the monumental building at address “Paulustorgasse 1″ closes the square. Through the passage in this building access a convenient staircase up to the Schlossberg. The modern square design (by architect Norbert Müller) in 2005, has made it possible to exclude motorized vehicles.

Address:Karmeliterplatz, 8010 Graz