The Burgtor – the gate at the castle – is the oldest surviving city gate, located at the end of Hofgasse and the beginning of the Archduke Johann-Avenue. Excepting the Paulustor, it is the only remaining palisade gate in the city of Graz. The original gate, located at the level of today’s Schauspielhaus theatre, was moved (1339) eastward with the expansion of the city. After extensions of the Burg in 1440, the gate was named “Burgtor.” In 1479, by order of Frederick III, the gate – due to threats to the city – was sealed and not reopened until 1784.

In the 16th century, a belfry cum clock tower was added to the gatehouse, which was then called “Uhrtor” – the clock gate. Today’s appearance of the three-storey gatehouse reveals two styles: the gothic facade facing the city; the renaissance facade facing the outside and the city park. On the two upper floors, six glazed arcades on each floor serve as passageways to the Burg. On the ground floor, three arches are supported by Tuscan columns to create a barrel-vaulted passage with bilateral Gothic stone gates and pointed arches.

Address:Burggasse 1, 8010 Graz